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Jeffrey Grossman - New York Pianist, Harpsichordist, Conductor, Audio Editor and Music Coach
Jeff has been a very good friend of mine since high school. He's going to make it BIG in the New York music world.

Josh Priluck's Feature Film: The Bandit
Check it out. Near the beginning I have a brief clip! I'm famous!

Jon Woods's Record Label Very cool!

Chris Stallman's Investing Website
Explains investing terms in great detail. He, a Michigan BBA, has done equity research at Morningstar.

Ben Halstead's Drawings Website Features Ben's drawings and graphic novel.

Melissa's Blog
Talented University of Michigan Daily writer wants to be a blog "superstar"....

(obviously the place to buy books online. If they don't have it you can check out rare books from

Cool Stores: (a wide selection of posters)

As Seen on TV (almost every product featured on TV is here)*
(hysterical site parodying motivational posters: very funny posters)
Discovery Channel
(a wide selection of unusual items can be found here)
Sharper Image (high end, high tech expensive but unique products)

Computer & Spy/Ad Ware Software:* (search your own computer's word/excel docs, emails, pdfs, and music) (download free software and read software reviews)* (amazing 3D satellite images... fly, search, and email photos)
(better web browser than IE: google searching, tabbed browsing, more secure)*
(backup GB of space online automatically: great value)

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware
(Microsoft's anti-spy ware program)
Spybot Search and Destroy
& Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition
(free anti-spy ware programs)
Weather Channel (add the current temperature to your windows taskbar)* (free content for your desktop: stock quotes, movies, outlook, etc.)

Price Comparison: -- Froogle* -- -- -- Yahoo*
Ebay (Ebay is obviously king, but you might as well check out Yahoo as well)
(DVD's sent to your house. You might want to also check out (attempting to establish themselves online with low, low prices)
(everything imaginable: it's all about volume)

Domain Names:
Registration*:* (for less than $8/year you can have your own domain)
Expiration: Expiring Domains -- -- --
Links: Popularity -- Search Engine Submission --

Spam: -- (get the spamvertised websites shutdown)
Website Design:
(entertaining commentary on bad design)

(entertaining e-cards; for a small fee gain access to numerous cards)

Food, Wine & Beer:
(cooking) (cooking)* (buying food: freeze it. Sell great fish too ready to cook) (ratings of beer)*
(Dining: Amazing! Get $25 gift certificates to restaurants for $10)
(ratings of wine)

Health, Style & Appearance: (high-end shoes)
(take care of yourself) (high end facial, skin and hair products) (huge selection of discounted shoes)

(find free answers for anything or pay for the help) (a collection of words that are troublesome to readers and writers) (instructions on how to do just about everything)
GoAskAlice* (everything you ever wondered but were afraid to ask)
(the name says it all)
(sign up for their word a day mailing list) (online yellow pages) (free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit; +500,000 articles)

MapQuest* (driving directions: good written directions) (driving directions: better interactive maps)
IP address locator (locate where any IP address is from)
YouAreWhereYouLive (demographic / income info by zip code)
Satellite maps by address (high resolution)* (house value / income, etc. for any US location / address)

Meditation: (meditation: excellent for reducing stress and improving one's focus)

Money, Finances, Taxes: (useful business world information, bschool rankings, etc.)
(well reasoned thoughtful British economic analysis of the world)
(wonderful source of financial information, stocks, company news, etc. from CBS)
Tax Prof Blog (fairly self explanatory: lively discussion of current taxation news and events) (comprehensive listing of many different tax resources)

MP3 Stuff:
(dll file for audacity to record MP3's: download both of these files: one and two)
(download books for your MP3 player)

(good website directory)
(great paper on the importance of self confidence)
(the place to get information from the US government) (great start page and RSS feed reader options)*
(see what words your phone number spells)
Internet Connection (test your internet connection speed there and also try internetfrog)
Web Archives* (see old versions of different websites)

The Internet Movie Database (great resource about movies: quotes, pictures, reviews, photos)

Networking: (the University of Michigan's official alumni networking tool)
(find groups who share your passions in your area)*
(the premier college networking tool. It was originally started at Harvard and is relatively non-commercial. Great networking tool for college students: find people in your classes, find people you've met at your college even if you only know their first names. This is way better and more useful than or

There are numerous great free applications as services for your palm pilot. Avantgo is a great free product which lets you get content from numerous content providers for free. Another great product is Vindigo* which offers numerous city guides (Detroit, Ann Arbor, Chicago, etc.). Lots of free downloads can be found at ZDNET,,,, Freeware*. You may also want to turn your palm pilot into a map, Mapopolis and PDA Street
are two of the better known PDA map providers.

(buy photo and video equipment, recommended) (they are really good about having electronic / photo stuff in stock)

Digital Photography Preview* (digital photography camera reviews) (reviews and other useful resources)
J&R Music/Computer World* (buy photo and video equipment, recommended)* (formerly, buy prints, photo books, t-shirts, etc.)* (cheap photo and computer equipment provider)
Photo Books
(make photo books) (your photos on your stamps) (upload your pictures online and create your own web photo gallery)

John's Texas Hold'em Page* (visit my poker page)
(supplies: chips, cards, tables)

Post College Generation:
It can be kind of tough to be a 20 something graduate of college. What to do with the rest of your life? That is of course the question. Check out and to learn how to make the quarter life crisis less painful and quite fun.

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