Mafia 2005

20050422mafia01 20050422mafia02 20050422mafia03 20050422mafia04 20050422mafia05
20050422mafia06 20050422mafia07 20050422mafia08 20050422mafia09 20050422mafia10
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This is our own exciting version of Mafia with special rules!

What's one of John's most memorable "mafia" moments?
Well, we were playing a decent size game probably around 17 people. It was the first round in the game. We were playing with mafia, master assassin, doctor, cop, and sandman (the version which allows the sandman to pick anyone person and disable the person's powers during the night.) I was the doctor and saved myself so I thought I was "safe." However, the sandman (David Lamb) chose me to "disable" the mafia picked me to "kill" and the master assassin also picked me to "kill". The result was that even though I saved myself, I still "died" in the night by the hands of both the mafia and the master assassin.

So who plays mafia?
Well just to name a few... Amanda Jeanne Paskell, Benjamin Alan Kleyn, Wayne Robert Emington, Lara Adriana Ghisleni, Melissa Anne Runstrom, Benjamin Lee Halstead, John William Cooper, Jennifer Diana Greene, Daniel John Jonke, Kyle Alvan Turner, Kurt Yue, David Alan Lamb, Luther Mitchell, Michael Robert Minuth (Jebus), Nicole Elizabeth Deaton, Noah Evan Tucker, Rachel Ann Platte (Rae), Samih Qamar-Uz Zaman, Sanjeev Singh Nagi, Steven Andrew Seyler (Sven), Troy Michael Huetteman, Tulika Jhunjhnuwala, Zachary Michael-Liebig Ramirez

Who's who you ask?
We would like to give a special thanks to Samih Zaman, a brilliant mafia player, for identifying and compiling the information below. He has an incredible memory for both names and for birthdays as well.

20050422mafia01: Sven (back to us). Going round in a circle we have Sanjeev (wearing glasses, holding stick), Melissa, Kyle, Rae, Val.
20050422mafia02: left to right we have Jen, Noah, Lara, Mel, Mike
20050422mafia03: Mel, Mike
20050422mafia04: Sven in the center, clockwise from bottom left:
Sanjeev, Rae (covering face), Amanda, Tulika, Jen, Noah, Mel
20050422mafia05: front to back: Kyle and Wayne (wearing hat) playing with stick, Sven looks on, Dave Lamb drinks coke in background
20050422mafia06: left to right: John, Samih, Melissa.
20050422mafia07: left to right: Nick, Mike (Jebus), Dave Lamb
20050422mafia08: clockwise from bottom left: Kyle (hair and head only), Rae, Samih, Melissa, Nick, Mike (Jebus), Dave Lamb, Mel, Sven.
20050422mafia09: left to right, foreground: Kyle (pointing), Rae, Lara, Zach, Wayne (face covered w/hat). Background: Troy (b&w jacket sitting), Melissa standing. Jen visible next to wall, Noah's back in green shirt.
20050422mafia10: left to right: Nick, Mike (Jebus), Dave Lamb, Mel, Sven
20050422mafia11: left to right: Mike (Jebus, face obscured by arm), Dave Lamb, Mel, Sven.
20050422mafia12: front, left to right: Nick, Samih, Melissa, John (note smug smile); back, left to right : Troy, Mike (Jebus), Dave Lamb, Sven.
20050422mafia13: same as above
20050422mafia14: same again
20050422mafia15: front, left to right: Rae, Amanda, Kyle; second row, left to right: Dave Lamb, Jen, Noah, Lara, Dan. Sven in back.
20050422mafia16: Wayne
20050422mafia17: Wayne w/Mel in background sitting.
20050422mafia18: left to right: Tulika and John.