Grandma Florence's 80th Birthday Video

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Below are select video photos (for all of the photos) following this link

f001c001Theresa & John-1924 f002c002Testori & Alasina Families_1 f003c003testori wedding- (2)-1925 (3) f004c004Baby f005c005Pony
f006c006Mother on bench f007c007Bonnie & Clyde f008c0081930 group f009c009Florida-1935 (2) f010c010Communion
f011c0111936 kids f012c012Siblings f013c013Prom f014c014Graduation f015c015Wedding Announcement
f016c016Dad f017c017Kissing f018c018Florence, Emil & margie f019c019Margie f020c020Lucille, Mother, Margie
f021c021Barbara f022c022Margie & Barbara f023c023Ma, Dad & girls f024c024Slide9 f025c025Slide7_1
f026c026Slide8_1 f027c027Slide10_1 f028c028Slide11_1 f029c029Slide13_1 f030c030Slide12_1
f031c031Sonny & Andy drinking beer f032c032File0216 f033c033Brother-in-laws f034c034Halloween f035c0351936 Miami
f036c0361942 Belle Isle f037c0371942 Grama Theresa & kids f038c0381943 Sonny, Mary, Mother f039c0391944 group f040c0401953 cousins @ Grama Theresa's
f041c0411953 group f042c042Charlie, Margie, Joe & Nan f043c043DeBuels f044c044Mary & Frank f045c045ELC Family
f046c046crosage_adobe f047c047First Cousins f048c048Fr. Rossi f049c049Emil and Thereas dance f050c050Margie's Wedding 2
f051c051Slide1_1 f052c052dance with Andy f053c053fathers toast f054c054dad_and_I_dance_wedding f055c055helen_and_bill_dance
f056c056mother and Bill dance f057c057sharon_and_doug_dance_1_1 f058c058Sonny & Marie f059c059marie & Primo f060c060Sonny & Jo, Don & Carol
f061c061marilyn_and_frank f062c062Leaning Tower f063c063Meg &  John f064c064Cruise dining f065c065Raft
f066c066rafting f067c067Lucille f068c068Tivoli Gardens f069c069Tivili Don & Carol f070c070San Marco Square
f071c071Chef f072c072IMG_0565      

Assorted photos from my grandmother's 80th Birthday Party Video!~!~!