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This game is called "Ultimate Brain Freeze". The basic idea is to have a group of 10-40 people play. Everyone sits in a circle. The game is played over the course of several different rounds: the “hey” round, the “animal sound” round and the “random sound” round. Eventually all three rounds are combined and played simultaneously.

Hey Round 1:
Always start the first round with the "hey" round. You, the game facilitator, say hey while making eye contact with one person across from you in the circle and put your hand on your head. The person you heyed then heys someone else and he puts his hand on his head. This process continues until everyone has a hand on their head. Once everyone has been “heyed”, the last person “heys” the leader. The leader should go through this one or two times with just one set of hey. Then the leader should send out a random number of heys; see how many you get back.

Animal Round 2:
Once the “hey” level has passed you now add a different track, reminding the group to find a NEW person. Level two should be some other sort of noise (animal, random, a random number, i.e. something audible). Go through the hand on head thingy to establish a new animal sound order and go through once with just the new level without hands and just the animal sounds. Next, tell the group you're going to send out ONE of each sound (one “hey” and one “animal” sound.) See if you get both back. If you don’t get both back try doing it again. Now, send out a random number of each and count to see what you get back. Once it's satisfactory, move on to next level.

Random Round 3:
The third part is exactly the same as the previous, but it's just a new noise and a third track...lots of repetition in rules. Third round establish an order with the hands, then try once without.... Then send out ONE of each of the now three sounds. Finally send out a random number of each sound and see how many you get back. Keep doing this round until the group actually gets it and feels ready for the next round.

Final Round:
Final level... stand up, walk over to the person you heyed. Tell him to stand up, find his person, take his seat...and so on with everyone exchanging seats. Finally, take your original seat back and continue the rules. Now tell them that every time you hey someone, you're going to get up and take the person's seat, but don't take the seat for the animal noises or random...just find the next person and make the sound (i.e...only move on hey sound). Send out one of each sound, see how many get back. And now for the Ultimate round send out a random number of each. For the first time, don't send out more than three of each, whatever the size of the group, and then gage how sadistic you'd like to be.

General hints for moderating:
1) It's very difficult to convince people to play if you explain it beforehand so just tell people that it's a really interactive game that you can't quite explain without doing and promise it will be fun.

2) Don't hint that people will be moving at all until the end as that must be a surprise....

3) Make sure everyone in the circle can see everyone else.

4) Let the group decide when you move on to the next level. It's called "buy-in".... If you tell them when they move on then it seems like they're not really playing.

5) Once you start, the number CANNOT change. No one can quit or add after you start the first round...explain this and make sure everyone wants to play and has accepted this.

6) Very important to stress the following..."KEEP doing the noise until the person acknowledges it and STOP once they do." This may not seem important in the first round, but still stress it.

Special thanks to David Lamb for teaching us the game and for providing us with a lot of the game description found on this page.

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